If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth and are looking to replace them through a dentist in Milton, Mill Ridge Family Dental Care can help you find the option that is right for you.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an option for those people who need to replace one tooth or multiple teeth that are in different places. This treatment involves surgically mounting a titanium metal post or frame to the upper or lower jaw and giving a base for a replacement tooth. Dental implants are a great option if you don’t want the surrounding teeth to be involved or impacted and also would like something that isn’t noticeably a dental implant and resembles a natural tooth.

The cost for this procedure can vary depending on many factors and on average, the estimated cost of a dental implant for a single tooth ranges from $3,000–$6,000.

Fixed Dental Bridge

A fixed dental bridge can be a useful option for those people who are missing multiple teeth in the same area. This option can be performed by a Milton dentist at Mill Ridge Dental by using a dental prosthetic or artificial tooth and attaching it to the adjacent teeth by means of dental cement.

A fixed dental bridge can range in cost depending on the area of which it is located, it can range anywhere from $3,000-$5,000.

Removable Partial Dentures

If you need to replace some of your teeth, dental implants or a fixed dental bridge may not always be the way to go and your Milton dentist may suggest removable partial dentures. This option is suitable for those people looking for a more affordable option that still feels natural.

Removable partial dentures use natural teeth to stabilize and hold the base in place but is only an option if you have multiple teeth missing in the same area. These dentures consist of replacement teeth that are attached to a natural-looking pink base.

Since every instance is different, ask your dentist in Milton at Mill Ridge Dental about cost options and if this dental implant is right for you. The cost ranges from $1,500-$3,000.

In Summary

Knowing all these options for replacing teeth, reach out to your dentist in Milton at Mill Ridge Family Dental Care to learn more about your dental implant options and what treatment is in your best interest.