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Are You Afraid Of The Dentist?

Do you ever get anxious before going to the dentist? If so, you don’t need to fel embarrassed. Dental phobia is an extremely common condition. Most people purposefully avoid going to the dentist due to some level of anxiety or dental fear  or because they have an irrational fear of needing dental work. Sedation dentistry can help.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry is an ideal way for patients with extreme anxiety, nervousness or full blown phobia of the dentist to finally receive the preventative examinations and restorative treatments they need to maintain a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

There are other factors outside of dental anxiety that make you a good candidate for sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry

These include instances where a patient:

  • Has chronic jaw pain

  • Has physical limitation preventing them from holding their jaw at a certain angle, such as neck and back problems

  • Has a strong gag reflex

  • Needs to have dental work completed in a very short time frame

  • Is unable to sit still

  • Is not as affected by numbness as they should be

  • Has a desire to have their dental work completed when they are in a heightened state of relaxation

Your medical history, current medications and the extent of the treatment you require will have an impact on whether Dental sedation is an option for you.

Mill Ridge Family Dental Care | Dentistry in Milton

Laughing Gas Sedation Dentistry

Laughing gas can be an excellent adjunct to facilitate dental treatment. Laughing gas is a very safe, simple way for children and adults to help manage their anxiety during dental treatment. Laughing gas is administered through a small hood that fits over your nose and gives you a slightly dreamy, heavy sensation. The effects can be described as having a couple glasses of wine.   You are aware of what is going on, you just don’t care quite as much!  The effects of laughing gas can be completely reversed at the end of the dental appointment and adults are able to drive safely afterwards.  Laughing Gas Sedation Dentistry is the most peaceful and relaxing visit to the dentist you can ever have.

Oral Sedation Dentistry

Oral Sedation Dentistry creates a deeper, longer lasting level of relaxation than possible with laughing gas.  Dr. Jay Gangwani will prescribe an oral sedative medication that you will take  2 hours prior to your appointment to reduce your dental anxiety. 


Sedation Dentistry

In addition to making your experience more comfortable, the oral sedative medications helps to reduce your memory of the experience. It also allows us to complete your treatment in fewer appointments and to finish complex procedures in less time. While your treatment is performed, Dr. Jay Gangwani and his team will carefully monitor your vital signs to ensure that your experience is as safe as possible. Another advantage to this type of sedation is that it can safely be used along with laughing gas for an even deeper feeling of relaxation. Because the effects of oral sedation last longer than with laughing gas alone, you will need someone to bring you to your appointment and drive you home after.


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“I don’t have one bad thing to say about this dentist office. Mackenzie and her niece, who is helping for the summer, are truly angels. Dr. J and his assistant made my six year old son feel so calm and reassured him that he was in good hands. It is so nice seeing people who very obviously love their professions.”

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