Calling All children for A ” Tell-Show-Do” Dental Visit!

A Tell-Show-Do appointment is specifically designed to introduce children to the world of dentistry, but can be adapted for use with any age group. We believe it’s the key to protecting your children from developing dental fear, anxiety or phobia. During this “happy visit” nothing might occur than the child sitting in the dental chair and holding a mouth mirror. If the child feels comfortable, it often proceeds well beyond that, for example allowing complete exam.

No One should be Afraid of the Dentist...

If children fear their dentist, they may avoid seeking dental care as an adult. Dr.Levitt, along with her staff, have been trained to help apprehensive children get over their fears and become happy, willing patients. We talk to you and your child with easily understood terms, pictures and concepts, so that your child will be motivated to take proper care of his or her mouth.

Special Care for Special Children!
  • Sports Mouthguards
  • Sealants – Sometimes baby teeth need help too!
  • Extra help for children with a high risk of decay
  • Tell-Show-Do Dental Visits

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