About Us

Families want to be in and out so they can get on with their busy lives. Over the last 18 years, Dr. Joyce Levitt has earned the trust of many parents for her teams ability to offer quality family, cosmetic and implant dentistry. She has helped many children and adults overcome their fear of dentistry and soothed their dental fear and anxiety with the use of her cognitive / behaviour therapy background and Nitrous Oxide. Mill Ridge Dental Care is a family-friendly dental office. we LOVE to treat kids and teens. People of all ages love our comfortable, fun and caring approach to dental care. We make visiting the dentist a pleasant and relaxing experience for you and your family.


My husband and I moved back to Canada from Scotland in 2003 deciding that Canada offered more opportunities for our family. We looked at many small towns and decided Milton was the ideal location for our home and my new dental practice.

Our chosen location for the dental practice was the old” Optimist Centre”. The day we were interviewing contractors was the day after the 2003 Blackout. A local contractor was the only person who showed up and on time. It was clear keeping our business local was the ideal solution.

Early in the renovation I entered into my newly leased premises and found piles of dirt everywhere; they were laying the electrical and water conduits. I wondered if I could ever transform this into my vision of a family dental practice!

Eventually, as the new walls were painted my carefully chosen colours and all the dental equipment was installed my vision was realized. My first day of practice was November 19th 2003. There were three patients booked and I was thrilled!

Our Mission

We will provide the highest quality dental care meeting the individual needs and concerns of each patient Delivery of dental care will be in a safe, clean, harmonious, efficient environment Our patients will feel respected, valued, and recipients of individualized attention The dental team will actively pursue continuing education to provide current evidence-based information to our patients We value patient input and actively seek and encourage involvement in dental care through patient education

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